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HD PDO Thread Lift in El Dorado Hills, CA

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HD PDO Thread Lift in El Dorado Hills, CA

Everybody and their dog has heard of a facelift, and while they are beneficial for some, others are turned off from how invasive they can be! If you are caught between wanting to perk up your skin and not wanting to undergo an invasive procedure to do so, we have an excellent treatment for you try on for size at Northern California Wellness! We encourage you to consider our HD PDO thread lifts if you are looking for a minimally invasive skin lift!

How long does a PDO thread lift last?

Regular PDO thread lifts typically last for about one to three years. However, the HD PDO thread lift, which stands for high-density poly-dioxanone, is not a regular PDO thread lift! The critical difference between high density and standard PDO thread lifts is that HD thread lifts use smaller needles to place the sutures, which are much more durable than the regular threads used. HD PDO threads are created under high temperature and pressure so as to produce the maximum tensile strength, while also resisting enzymatic attacks and making the threads more resistant to heat. All of these features of HD PDO thread lifts enable them to be stronger and last longer than your regular PDO thread lift. Almost all HD PDO thread lifts will last for at least two years! Moreover, you should notice immediate results after the procedure is finished, with less sagging skin in the treatment area.

Is PDO thread lift safe?

PDO thread lifts are an extremely low-risk procedure! Not only are they minimally invasive, but you also do not need to expect any scarring, bruising, or bleeding from them. The HD PDO thread lifts that we provide at Northern California Wellness are also approved by the FDA!

PDO threads are made from polydioxanone, which is a crystalline and biodegradable synthetic polymer. While that may not mean much to you, the critical thing to note is that they are colorless and naturally dissolve over time. After these threads are put in place, your skin dissolves them within about three to six months. After they are dissolved, they stimulate your skin cells to produce collagen in the treatment area, which is an essential protein that helps to create strong, young, and healthy connective tissue in your skin and any other bodily tissue.

Our physicians and medical estheticians at Northern California Wellness have all of the training, education, and experience required to provide you with safe and effective PDO thread lifts! Our thread lifts are virtually painless and do not require the use of lidocaine!

What is a PDO brow lift?

A PDO brow lift is, essentially, a non-surgical eyebrow lift! As such, they are much less invasive and require less recovery time than the traditional surgical eyebrow lift. With PDO brow lifts, tiny, dissolvable threads are inserted under the skin near the brow to pull it up or “lift” it. These threads have microscopic barbs all over them, enabling them to anchor, pull, and hold the skin in the proper place.

Where can HD PDO threads be used?

HD PDO thread lifts are quite versatile in terms of what areas of the body they can help! They have been known to provide dependable and effective results on the abdomen, arms, buttocks, cheeks, eyebrows, jawline, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and neck.

If you are hoping to bid adieu to saggy skin, let our HD PDO thread lifts be your solution at Northern California Wellness! For appointments or to learn more about our services, call us at (916) 790-5352 or schedule an appointment through our website. You can find Northern California Wellness at 899 Embarcadero Drive, Suite 1, in El Dorado Hills, California. We are currently open by appointment only.