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Medical Aesthetics Center Near Folsom CA

Looking for a med spa near Folsom area that offers top non-surgical aesthetics treatments? Call Us to schedule a consultation with top doctor and expert aesthetic specialists at Northern California Wellness. We are located at 899 Embarcadero Drive, Suite 1, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762.

Medical Aesthetics Center Near Folsom CA
Medical Aesthetics Center Near Folsom CA

You deserve to look and feel your best every day.  At Northern California Wellness, we help our clients discover transformative aesthetic treatments that can help them address aging concerns, acne scars, and overall body rejuvenation.  If you live in the Folsom, CA area, our experienced medical aestheticians are available to help you transform your appearance, so you can enjoy the benefits of improved self-confidence.

What is aesthetic treatment?

Aesthetic medicine includes a wide range of procedures designed to address some of the most common cosmetic concerns.  Aesthetic treatments can be tailored to address any number of issues including fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture and tone, cellulite and unwanted body hair, spider and varicose veins, as well as scarring, and many other problems.  Aesthetic medicine offers customizable treatment solutions that can be tailored to suit the needs of every patient, so you achieve the results you want for your unique face and body.

What are non-surgical cosmetic procedures?

There are many non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can greatly improve skin tone and texture, fine-lines and wrinkles, and even provide fat reduction on troublesome areas of the body.  Botox injections and Juvéderm fillers can address wrinkles and fine lines on the face and Juvéderm can also provide you with a more dramatic pout.  Kybella and Sculpsure treatments provide fat reduction.  Kybella is an injection that reduces double chin while Sculpsure uses heat to destroy fat cells all over the body.  Our BTL Exilis system can help address cellulite and skin laxity concerns to provide overall skin tightening.  We also offer vaginal rejuvenation using non-invasive BTL Ultra Femme 360 for women with intimate concerns.

What services do med spas offer?

Each med spa will offer a unique experience.  Most will provide a range of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments that will improve your appearance and help you feel confident.  At Northern California Wellness, in addition to the cosmetic offerings above, we provide nutritional counseling, skin resurfacing, acne scar treatments, effective hair removal, IPL Photofacials, and even balancing hormone treatments to help you support your body’s function from the inside out.  We believe in offering comprehensive aesthetic choices, so you can always find the right treatment to address your needs.

Do med spas take insurance?

At Northern California Wellness, we want to make it simple for clients in the Folsom, CA area to access the aesthetic treatments they need.  While med spas do not typically accept insurance plans for their services, we participate in the Brilliant Distinctions program, which allows our clients to save money when they book repeated Botox or Kybella treatments with us.  Not only does this help keep your face looking fresh, but it allows you to earn points that are redeemable for future procedures.  The best part about the Brilliant Distinctions program is that it is free to sign up for.  Simply visit to register and choose Dr. Cheree Dunbar as your provider.

How do I choose a good medical aesthetics provider?

When you are looking for aesthetic solutions, you want to ensure you find a practice that provides comprehensive consultation and care in a welcoming and friendly environment.  You deserve an aesthetic specialist who will listen to your needs, develop a personalized treatment plan, and provide high-quality, effective care that helps you reveal your most polished appearance.  At Northern California Wellness, Dr. Cheree Dunbar and her talented staff have helped countless clients feel more radiant and confident in their appearance by offering customizable treatment solutions that truly work.  Whether you are interested in facial rejuvenation or total-body fat reduction, our experienced clinicians have the talent and knowledge to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

If you live in the Folsom, CA area and are looking for a trustworthy medical aesthetics practice, contact Northern California Wellness today to schedule your one-on-one consultation.