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5 Questions to Ask Med Spas

Ask a med spa these 5 questions about what they do and how they can help you. You can ask us here at Northern California Wellness near Granite Bay, CA. Call us for more information or schedule an appointment online. We are located at 899 Embarcadero Drive, Suite 1, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762.

5 Questions to Ask Med Spas
5 Questions to Ask Med Spas

Looking for a new go-to med spa? If so, then you might be wondering how to decide on one. We’d like to help, so we have several questions you can ask a med spa to help you with your decision. These questions will give you a good understanding of what the med spa has to offer and whether they’re a quality establishment. Keep reading for the questions to ask a med spa like Northern California Wellness.

What do you offer at your med spa?

A med spa is like a medical cosmetics clinic and a day spa combined, but med spas can have different environments, staff, and services. At Northern California Wellness, we provide the sought after Biote Pellet Hormone Therapy for our patients with hormonal imbalances, and other med spas may not offer this service. It’s a good idea to find a med spa that offers the services you are interested in, by reviewing the MedSpa website or calling, you can easily identify what MedSpas offer the services you are wanting. You should also ask about the med spa’s environment and make sure it’s one you can feel happy and content being in. Finally, the staff matter too as they are the main contact when it comes to your services within the MedSpa. Their education and experience are valued and unmatched due the amount of time it took for them to become qualified to offer such services to the public. When choosing a MedSpa, make sure they offer a team list with their qualified employees and find out which employee will be doing your treatment on you before you go in, this can help you feel more at ease before your appointment.

What are the most popular medical spa treatments?

Many Med Spas offer similar services, however only Med Spas can offer these specific services because these popular services you need qualified and certified medical staff to perform them. These services are not limited to:

  • Biote Pellet Hormone Therapy
  • HD PDO Thread Lift
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Dermal Fillers and many more

If you’re not entirely sure what treatment you want, or if you want to know which treatments others are recently getting, you may want to ask about the most popular treatments. Botox is an example of one of the more popular treatments, the years of continued research and popular uses have made it one of the safest injections on the market, not only that but it has many different applications. Some examples of other popular treatments are dermal fillers, laser skin resurfacing, and laser hair removal. These treatments are just as common, and are available as treatments at Northern California Wellness.

Do you offer advanced treatments at your med spa?

Advanced treatments like thread lifts, hormone therapy, and body sculpting aren’t necessarily available at every med spa. These services can be really effective and invaluable, so you might want to know whether the med spa provides them. By calling in ahead of time, and researching the MedSpa, you are able to find out more information on the advanced treatments they offer as well as if a doctor or a practitioner will be providing these.

Do you have certified practitioners doing the treatments?

Typically, a med spa will have a qualified medical professional who either performs or supervises the treatments, but you’ll still want to make sure the med spa has one of these professionals. For example, at Northern California Wellness, we have Dr. Cheree Dunbar MD MPH who oversees our staff.

How can you help me decide on a service?

A medical professional or another staff member should be able to help you decide which service would be most beneficial for you depending on a wide range of issues you are hoping to target. A staff member might suggest a treatment like laser hair removal if you want to throw away your razor and keep the hair away for longer, or the medical professional might suggest a treatment like CoolPeel if you want advanced skin resurfacing. Regardless, the staff member you speak with should be able to give you a better idea of what service or services you should get based off the information they gather from you.

We hope you find the questions useful, and if you have any questions for us at Northern California Wellness, do not hesitate to ask. We’d be very happy to hear from you! Call us today.