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Botox Injections Questions and Answers

Botox Is an Effective Wrinkle and Frown Line Reduction Injection. It Temporarily Corrects Forehead Lines and Crow’s Feet Lines. Just a Tiny Amount Can Smooth the Skin and Give a Younger Appearance. Interested in Getting Botox? Call Us to Make an Appointment. We offer top rated health and wellness services from El Dorado Hills CA, Folsom CA, Clarksville CA, Cameron Park CA, Granite Bay CA, Alder Creek CA, and Orangevale CA. We Are Open 4 Days a Week! Redeem Our Specials!

Botox Injections Questions and Answers
Botox Injections Questions and Answers

Aging can often be unkind to the skin. In time, our skin progressively loses its natural volume that helps keep us looking young. Wrinkles will become more defined in our aesthetic with the loss of elasticity in our skin. Northern California Wellness can turn the clocks back on your skin with BOTOX®, a solution that many medical professionals know and trust to help restore a youthful complexion!

Northern California Wellness aims to provide you with the most up-to-date treatment approaches for augmenting your aesthetic and enhancing your well-being. Our well-trained medical staff are experts in the services and treatments we offer accompanied with patient comfort being our highest priority. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment and explore our treatment options!

What is BOTOX®?

One of the most familiarized solutions to bring out youthful skin, BOTOX® is a name many medical experts can trust. This effective injectable can temporarily correct the appearance of crow’s feet and fine lines. Using a tiny amount of highly purified botulinum toxin protein, BOTOX® can smooth out lines from aging. Our medical experts can help determine if BOTOX®  may be the right treatment option for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

How does BOTOX® work?

The older we get, the more our skin will gradually lose volume that keeps us looking youthful. With this loss of volume, our facial muscles will operate closer to the surface of the skin. The more we contract our muscles, the more visible wear and tear will become in our facial profile. Using purified botulinum toxin protein, BOTOX® is able to slow down facial muscle activity to help smoothen age lines for a younger glow!

How many injections of BOTOX® will I need?

During the initial consultation, each patient will discuss their aesthetic goals and medical history with our medical experts. Based on this information, our medical staff will determine how many administrations of BOTOX® each individual patient may need. Consult with our staff to create a treatment plan that can help keep you looking youthful!

What results can I expect?

Many people will experience distinctive results; some patients may experience results faster than others based on their body chemistry. Patients who choose BOTOX® usually start to see results of silkier-looking skin within the first 2 days after treatment. Younger-looking results from BOTOX® can last up to 4 months!

Smooth skin is hard to hold on to as we age. Northern California Wellness wants to help tighten your grip. With BOTOX®, younger-looking skin can be here to stay!

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Need more information? Request a consultation and find out if BOTOX® is right for you!